Lenticular Sheets for Lenticular Print of Lenticular Plastic Company Europe
Lenticular Sheets for Lenticular Print of Lenticular Plastic Company EuropeLenticular Sheets for Lenticular Print of Lenticular Plastic Company Europe


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Lenticular Sheets for Lenticular Print of Lenticular Plastic Company Europe

Lenticular Sheets for Lenticular Print of Lenticular Plastic Company Europe
Lenticular Imaging


This site is dedicated to providing information and links to lenticular software and their providers. We have tried to focus specifically on professional lenticular software for the creation, management and production of lenticular imaging for the commercial print trade.

It may be relevant to note that we believe that lenticular imaging can be effectively managed using existing graphic software such as Adobe Photoshop and Adobe After Effects. Since lenticular is a high resolution process requiring precise measurements and tight tolerances, hands on manipulation and management will tend to deliver optimum quality and desired results as specified by its users.

However worldwide interest and demand for lenticular imaging and its processes have continually created a demand for comprehensive lenticular software in a plug and play environment. As such we believe the following short list will provide the reader with an excellent selection of effective lenticular software choices, sourced from global contacts and professional providers.

We cannot guarantee or assure you of the completeness or competence of each and every function of the lenticular software choices listed; we anticipate that the providers will service and support their respective products independently. However we welcome your feedback in our continuing efforts to provide practical and effective information to our readers.


OS: Windows
3D Mix is proposing the folowing sofwares: Bas-relief is intended for 2D to 3D conversion using the depth map.
DepthMapCreator is intended for creating depth map basing on stereopair. Multistereobase calculates the camera moving step.
PhotoProjector creates interlaced images for lenticular sheets and barrier-screens.
StereomorpherPlus is software which can generate a complete array of views from a basic (right/left) stereo pair.

OS: Windows
3DZ offers professionals and amateurs alike to quickly and easily produce every type of 2D and 3D lenticular image, including Flip, 3D, 2D/3D conversion, Morph, Zoom, Animation and Video sequences, plus combinations.

OS: Windows
FlipSigns is a long time promoter and educator of lenticular imaging and its process. It has developed and mass distributed the user friendly lenticular software called ‘SuperFlip’ (freeware) and ‘3D Genius’.

Using off-the-shelf digital cameras and printers, as well as presses and digital presses, HumanEyes 3D patented software offers a simple, automated method for creating striking realistic 3D images as well as other lenticular effects for multiple uses.

OS: Windows & Mac OSX
The Imagiam Lenticular Effects 3.0 software, available for Windows PC and Apple MacOS X, is an inexpensive, complete and easy to use solution which allows you to create flip, zoom, morph, animation, 3D and virtual 3D lenticular effects and their combinations.

OS: Mac OS 9 & Mac OSX
Photoshop/Mac scripts for automatic interlacing.
Created by Henri & Thomas Clement.
Inexpensive - efficient, for Mac users only.

OS: Mac OSX or Windows XP
Photo Illusion provides a cross platform lenticular software called ‘Photo Illusion 1.6’ which incorporates multiple controls, mixing features and variable calibration methodology. A newer and even hotter version called 1.75 will be released soon.

OS: Windows
ProMagic provides professional graphic solutions and has been responsible for some extraordinary lenticular imaging artwork. They have developed and successfully sold through their lenticular software tools for many years including ‘Magic Interlacer Pro100’, ‘Magic Interlacer Lite’, ‘Flashband Generator’, and ‘3D Magic’.

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