Lenticular Sheets for Lenticular Print of Lenticular Plastic Company World Lenticular Sheets for Lenticular Print of Lenticular Plastic Company WorldLenticular Sheets for Lenticular Print of Lenticular Plastic Company World


LPC World

Lenticular Sheets for Lenticular Print of Lenticular Plastic Company World
Lenticular Sheets for Lenticular Print of Lenticular Plastic Company World
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As a technology company engaged in the distribution of high quality lenticular sheet materials, we are involved with every aspect of the lenticular imaging process. We collaborate and consult on all key elements namely sheet extrusion, creative graphic management, imagesetting, and litho print production. This co-operation is on-going and is the basis for the establishment of product specifications, attainment of manufacturing standards and the completion of successful operations.

We provide technical support and service to the lenticular imaging industry with the objective of advancing the knowledge, capabilities and expertise of the imaging production process. The pursuit of these objectives can only lead to increased efficiencies, higher standards of quality, the reduction of risk, the continued development of applications and product use, market acceptability and availability.

We provide consulting services and training to the business community who require guidance and assistance in organizing, launching and maintaining lenticular imaging creation and production capabilities. Our technical staff can provide on-site instruction in all disciplines as well as supervision of production processes. Our clients are provided with on-going technical resources to insure they are never without assistance and access to the information and support required to produce high quality lenticular imaging.

Lenticular Sheets for Lenticular Print of Lenticular Plastic Company World
LPC world
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