lenticulat Lenticular Sheets for Lenticular Print of Lenticular Plastic Company WorldLenticular Sheets for Lenticular Print of Lenticular Plastic Company World


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Lenticular Sheets for Lenticular Print of Lenticular Plastic Company World
Lenticular Sheets for Lenticular Print of Lenticular Plastic Company World



What does LPI mean ?

When we talk about our lenticular plastic sheets, LPI means lenticules per inch (75 LPI, 100 LPI). Of course the same letters are used in the offset printing business for “lines per inch” (screen resolution)


What software can I use to produce lenticular?

We don’t sell software.

Click here or check http://www.lenticular-software.com/index.shtml it will give you details of some professional lenticular softwares, these links will be helpful to start lenticular productions. Most of the lenticular softwares are designed for PC but some are now available for Mac users like the Lenticulator Interlacing scripts.


Do you also offer lenticular-lenses out of PP (Polypro) or PVC-material?

Our lenticular plastic sheets are extruded in polyester, more specifically APET.

We do not manufacture or market PP or PVC lenticular materials because neither is suitable for quality imaging processing, neither are dimensionally stable and can encourage press issues affecting final imaging quality and capabilities.

For example PP lacks clarity and actually requires Corona treatment before printing while polyesters such as PET have a natural dyne level and high transparency characteristics.


What is APET?

PET (polyethyleneterephthalate) is a thermoplastic resin of the polyester family. Depending on its processing and thermal history, it may exist both as an amorphous (transparent) and as a semi-crystalline (opaque and white) material. Amorphous polyethyleneterephthalate is APET. For more information click here

Our exclusive PET resin contains specially formulated modifiers to maximize the particular elements necessary for high quality premium lenticular materials.


Can I buy A4 size lenticular?

As you can see on our products page our standard sheets size is 711x508mm as our lenticular plastic is designed for litho offset printing, so we don’t sell A4 size sheets.


What is the cost of transport?

The cost of transport depends on the area and quantity being sent. We’ll be happy to forward you a quote.


I’m looking for small quantities of lenticular plastic?


Is it possible to print lenticular images in screen printing?

As you can read on our lenticular process page, lenticular is a HIGH RESOLUTION process as the lenticular sheet is magnifying the data that is printed to the backside of the lens. Screen printing does not allow the resolution required for a good quality. Our clients are offset printers, printing at high res. like 400 LPI or even more. This is impossible with screen printing.


I am looking for an importer of lenticular films in my country.

LPC World is selling all over World, please contact info@lenticular-plastics.com, we’ll be pleased to forward you the coordinates of the contact person who is in charge if your area.


Could you send me a catalogue of your lenticular products?

Our website www.lpc-world.com is our catalogue, we update the site on a regular base; please look at our lenticular products page for details about our available products.

We’ll be pleased to send you a sample folder with clear and printed lenticular sample sheets on request.


Please tell me what kind of lenticular lenses you have?

We invite you to check the specifications on our lenticular products page

We have 75 LPI, 100 LPI, 60 LPI, 40 LPI and more lenticular sheets formats. (LPI means lenticules per inch).

1 inch = 2.54 cm or 25.4 mm

Are you printing the plastic sheets or just finishing the production?

We are only selling clear lenticular sheets to the offset printing industry. But we are promoting this business and helping our customer’s to build the market. So you can ask us for a quote on final printed product by filling the following form and check some samples from many different printers on our lenticular imaging page.


We are looking for lenticular sheet for our offset m/c 300micron 70*100 cm apet/pvc different lens?

Our 100 LPI is 355 micron thick but we don’t recommend such a big sheet size as the registration would be very difficult. Our sheets are not produced in PVC as we only work with the best resins.

Check our products on our products page


Latest price lists for lenticular sheets?

Our price lists are available to the offset printing industry by request to info@lenticular-plastics.com



My interest goes to big sheets for our large format printer for testing on making big 3D posters.
I would like some sheets but I notice your only sell bulk.

Our sheets are always sold by pallets as those are designed for litho offset printing, not for large format. Large format 3D images requires a thicker plastic that can not be printed offset.
We recently introduced a new 40LPI sheet thickness 838 micron that we can propose for volume orders.

Check our products on our products page



I assume you don 't deliver lens material to consumers, but maybe you can give me a hint were I could purchase lenticular material in World, preferably material that can be printed on by inkjet?

Sorry we can 't help you; our material is designed for offset printing. See the question about A4 size sheets.



I would like to put a flip 2d lenticular on a on a big surface approximately 200cm / 150cm , with 2 images of a different color. Is it possible to make it.

It is possible but not with our material as the viewing distance requires a thicker plastic. As you can see on our website http://www.lpc-world.com/lenticular_products.shtml

We don 't supply large format lenticular as we are providing sheets to the offset printing business.



Can your sheets also be used for the ordinary laser printers? And if not, what specifications does the printer have to meet?

As you can read on our website, our sheets are designed for litho offset printing. It’s possible to laminate a high resolution print (min 1440 DPI) to the back of a lens, see the info about A4 size sheets.



I am new to the field of lenticular photography, yet my first self-made 3D photo worked immediately and was of satisfying quality. However, I am having trouble of finding lenticular sheets with more than 75 lenses per inch. Through a web-search I have found 'LPC-world ' which offers the 100 LPI sheet.

Therefore I would like to know if it is possible for non-commercial purposes to obtain a small amount of 100 LPI sheets (thus significantly less than a complete pallet of 1500 sheets). If so, I am happy to hear where I can obtain such sheets.

As you can see on our website the sheets we provide are designed for litho offset printing. Laminating on a 100 LPI would not be effective. If you want a good quality we recomend the 62 LPI for lamination. As we sell to printers we sell per skid, we don 't have smaller quantities available.



Our company is producing plastic ID cards and offering personalisation services. In liaison to increasing production and customer demand we are planning production of CLI (changeable laser image) cards. I have identified CLI as a kind of lenticular printing - is this correct? Can your company offer us the lenticular lenses for plastic ID cards?

Yes we are supplying lenticular sheets to the offset printing business and some of our customer 's are using our sheets to produce smart cards (even chip cards).



We have the special interest in the 75 LPI Lenticular material size 500 x 700 mm. Do you produce such material where lenticules run parallel to the 700 mm dimension?

Is it possible to order the batch including 10-20 pieces size A3 (A3SR) of this item?

Our standard size sheets are 711 x 508 mm. We have both possibilities in stock. So we can supply each of our lens designs in size 711 x 508 mm with lenticules parallel to 508mm or to 711 mm.

We don’t sell A3 size sheets.


As a UV offset printer, can you assist us in developping lenticular printing capabilities?

…As you can see on our website, we are supplying lenticular sheets to the offset printers but we can also bring technical and commercial support. Technical support: before starting productions and even training we propose to test the press to be sure there is no adjustment necessary to achieve a good result. Second step is organization of an in site training, mostly 2 days, so that we know by experience that you'll be able to print after these two days. Of course it's impossible to manage all the prepress questions in 2 days and you'll be able to decide if you have to use a software or ask someone to prepare the files for you. Commercial support: we have a page on our website where we attract the advertisers, showing lenticular work from many different countries, and with a direct link to the printers who produced these images. We also receive inquiries that we automatically refer to the printers working with us.


Can you supply us custom thickness of lenticular sheets?

The lenticular sheet has a thickness that is corresponding to the focal point. It 's an optical lens. We can deliver sheets that are in focus, that 's the most important.


We require horizontal lines in the lenticular sheets.

We can supply this, of course.

Each lens design can be delivered with lenticules parallel to the 508 or the 711 side.

Looking for 40, 30, 20, 10 LPI?

We supply 75 LPI, 100 LPI, 60 LPI, 40 LPI and other litho lenses. We do not sell large format lenses.



I know some printers that can print this standard size (400 x 600 mm and 700 x 1000 mm). But all I may need regarding this is how to adjust the lenticular sheets with the printer to get the best quality.
Also, I want to know if there are any expected losses? and if there are some, how I could reduce these losses ?

We have this sheet size in stock for the 75, 60 and 40 LPI.

To avoid waste and get the best quality, the best thing is to organize on site training. We can send a tech guy to work with the printer so that he 'll be able to start and produce good quality. After the training we give a discount when the printer is buying sheets.


Which blankets would you recommend for lenticular jobs?

We have assisted with jobs using compressible blankets and also using conventional blankets, all with success. Our opinion is that a premium quality blanket with a more firm surface allows the printing to be performed with less image distortion. Using a low tack ink is also helpful. Since a Lenticular job requires a perfect make-ready with the lowest possible pressures between plate and blanket, and blanket to substrate, our choice for blankets is to use a premium conventional blanket with high durometer, and very good ink release, in combination with low tack inks.

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